Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Post

OK, so here is my first official blog post.  I started this to show pictures of my two favorite hobbies.  Cake decorating and paper crafting.  OK, well the Cake Decorating I am trying a go at making money.  (Well enough to not be in the red at least).   Sometimes these two intertwine and I use my cricut for cake decorating.  No plans to buy cricut cake yet, unless I really get busier.  Can't justify the cost at this time.  I am going to post two cakes I did recently for the American Legion in Sedgwick, KS.  I used my cricut for both of these.  Will post some cards soon, still working out the photo stuff.   Please visit my baking website for more cake stuff.   Look forward to showcasing my projects, appreciate any comments good preferred, but do appreciate helpful hints too.  Thanks for looking, Shana

PS: Give me time to figure this thing out, must be a book or something.  

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lovemypaper said...

"OMG" there cake are soooo pretty!