Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crafty Weekend part 2

Next, I was going to buy the new graphic 45 Christmas paper, but wasn't really sure I would use it all. So I opted to just buy the one page with a bunch of tags or whatever they are called. Made a whole series of cards with it. Really liked how they turned out. Most are 5 x7 cards, with exception of a couple. Did add a moose sticker to one, mainly to use up space. He had no face, which I did not like, so thanks to Peachy Keen I gave him a face.

Last and certainly not least. My dear Circle Sister (the scrabooking queen), sent me a package. Lots of good stuff. A whole little bag of charms was so neat, not even sure what to do with them yet. Lots embellishments, which I always love. Even some stuff for my baking biz too, how sweet is that. She even loaned me her Destinations Cartridge, so I could make images for my state notebooks (which aren't getting started until after New Years). I got a package for her to send out also, just can't fit it all in the box, o well may have to send 2.   (OH- Ignore the messy floor, said I was crafting all weekend)

Thanks everyone for looking. Will also be posting my challanges seperately.

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