Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paper Roses

I told my grandmother I would make her a gift for her Christmas Party she is attending.  They always do a gift exchange.  I bought 3 different boxes to put this in, and none of them fit, without squishing my roses.  I don't have it pictured but I ended up modge poding paper to a priorty mail box and making my own lid and now I have a box that is to big, but it will work, and I recycled.  Here are the roses, I did remember to glue them down this time.  They are all made from music paper and added some little bows. Think it should be a big hit.   Thanks for looking. 

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Cricket's Daughter said...

OH...THESE ARE LOVELY!!!! Do you have a YT channel with a tutorial? I found you via Drew and just love to learn how to make these flowers.

Thanks and have a nice day:)
Cricket's Daughter