Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Color Me Color April at YPP

This was the first month I joined Your Paper Pantry and joined a few swaps, as many of you would notice.  Well I have started to receive my returns in the Swaps.  Color me Color swap you receive a partner that you send items too of the selected color for the month.  Well I had to sign up because April was Purple and Baby Blue.   Well purple is my favorite color and my partner Katie, did not miss that at all.  I have never seen so much yummy purple in one spot.   There was some blue thrown in but I am not complaining and I have many of a many purple projects coming up now.   Yeah!!!!!.    Here are some photos (not doing video yet, maybe my birthday I will get a camera).  Thanks again Katie,  I really do love everything, it was a great mail day!!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I couldn't help it.. when i found out your favorite color was purple, i kept finding cool things to send!! So Glad that you enjoyed everything!!