Thursday, October 27, 2011

Layouts for a couple Sat crops at LSH

I love spending my Sat night (when I am not working)  at   they do a virtual crop thru tiny chat.   Got me a web came and love it.   So much fun to see and talk to the gals from all over.   They usually have a layout challange.   This is perfect for it gives me the chance to catch up on some photos.   Going to have to start doing digital scrapbooking for my oldest though, he sends me so many pictures I can't keep up.   He just went to Greece, and I am no where caught up with Bahrain.  (good thing he is there for 18 months, I will have a chance.)   So one page was done for his book and the other is some old photos of my dtr and hubby.  There was an added bonus to make cards with the left over from the layout, so my dtr and I made some cards for Brad to welcome him to Greece. If I didn't have that silly job (or 2 jobs)  to go to,  I might have a chance of getting caught up.   Oh well, had fun with these.  

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