Monday, January 2, 2012

New Resolutions or Challanges

Well the year has flown by, can't believe how fast.   I really am only try to accomplish 2 things this year.   I want to grow my blog/ you tube subscribers and feedback to those posts.   I am going to try to do at least 2 challanges a week.   I have developed a "worksheet" for myself to try to keep track of challanges and which ones I am participating in.  I thought I would make available incase anyone wants to use it. Feel free to email me at  if you would like file, as I can't figure out how to attach here, and it is about 5 pages.

  I am also going to try to mail cards to all my family (extended also) for birthdays, anniversarys and such.   I know not great big, but hey I don't have to go on a diet to do these,  so I find it doable.  

thanks for following me and if you know any great challanges to add to my list I would love to see them,  just add to the comments.   

thanks shana

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